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Commercial Contract Curtains and Blinds

Commercial Contract Curtains & Blinds with Flame Retardant Fabrics.

Denmay Interiors, specialise in providing bespoke commercial contract curtains and blinds, made from flame retardant fabrics .

Durable and Reliable Fittings

All curtains and blinds are fitted to high standard for durability and safety regulations.

Can be be fitted to high ceilings, suspended ceilings or room divider.

Expert Design Assistance

In store experienced designer will assist you in choosing the styles and designs that are unique to your company.

Making Spaces Complete

Curtains and blinds play a crucial role as a result in making a room feel complete.

Let us contribute to making your clients feel welcomed and leaving a lasting positive impression.

70 Years of Excellence

With over 70 years in the soft furnishings market, Denmay Interiors has established itself as a trusted maker of flame retardant curtains and blinds.

We pride ourselves on our expert curtain fitting services and upholstery.

Comprehensive Product Range

We stock a large selection of modern and heavy-duty curtain tracks and rails.

Our products and services cater to various buildings, including: hotel, restaurant, bar, hospital, nursery,  school, university, office and residential.

Technical Support for Professionals Awnings

We offer dedicated technical support to designers, developers, and contractors in the commercial sector.


Denmay Interiors offers high-quality Awning  solutions designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, including models with remote control and traditional Victorian awnings.

If you’re looking for new high-quality waterproof awning, or just need to replace canopy fabric or to repair the existing one you have feel free to make your enquiries.

Our team has the experience and knowledge, to meet the specific needs of different industries, ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards.

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Our team is ready to help you create a stylish, safe, and functional environment for your clients.

Hotels – Hospitals – Nurseries - Restaurants - Bars - Schools Universities – Offices - Universities

Commercial Contract Curtains and blinds Examples:

curtains for Restaurant
curtains for Restaurant

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