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Motorised Shade Makers London

There are so many different reasons that one might choose to purchase motorized shades. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that they are convenient and easy. No matter how large the window is, moving the shade up and down is simple. With some shades there is even an option to be able to set a timer and have them raise and lower automatically. This is very convenient if you are interested in seeing certain things like the sun setting during dinner. Additionally these timers are great for security when one is away on vacation or traveling for work. They are also great at helping one to save and conserve their energy.

One will be able to block the sun during the summer and reduce the amount of money that they spend cooling their home.  These motorized shades can also help to bring in heat from the sun during the winter which can help reduce the cost of heating the home. You will find that your furniture and flooring last longer because without the sun shining on them all of the time they are less likely to fade.  In addition if there are a lot of windows in the home or very large windows one can easily open and close the motorized shades without any problems.

We make and supply:

  • Made to Measure Motorised Blinds

  • Bespoke Electric Shades

  • Remote Control Blinds

  • Electric Interior Blinds

  • Electric Blackout Blinds

  • Electric Venetian Blinds